M.I.A - Avenged Sevenfold | Lyrics and Chord


Avenged Sevenfold

intro : Dm Bb C F-A-Dm 2x

*) Dm                             Bb                                        C
Staring at the carnage, praying that the sun will never rise.
              F        A        Dm
Living another day in disguise.
           Bb                   C                            F               A               Dm
These feelings can't be right, lend me your courage to stand up and fight
Bb     C       F-A-Dm
on tonight.

Dm Bb C
 F  A            Dm
Stand up and fight.

Inter I :  Dm B C | Dm B C F Bb 2x

Now fighting rages on and on,
Bb                                            C
To challenge me you must be strong.
I'll walk your land but don't belong,
Bb                                        C
Two million soldiers can't be wrong.

Dm                                        C
It's no fun but I've been here before.
                   Dm                 Bb
I'm far from home and I'm fighting your war.
      Bb               F                  A                   Dm
(Not the way I pictured this, I wanted better things)
Dm                                               C
Some are scared others killing for fun,.
Dm                                        Bb
I shot a mother in front of her son..
Bb                            F                              A                      Dm
(Change this from my consciousness and please erase my dreams).

Reff :
Dm                   Bb
Fight for honor, fight for your life..
C                      F
Pray to god that our side is right.
G                                  A      Bb    
You know we won but still we lose,
Until I make it home to you.
Dm                        Bb
I see your mother still in tears
         C                           F
we grew up so fast where did those years go.
G                        A       Bb
Memories wont let you cry
Unless I don't return tonight.

Inter II :  Dm B C | Dm B C F Bb 2x

Dm                                         C
So many soldiers on the other side,.
                 Dm                          Bb
I take their live so they don't take mine..
Bb                           F                   A               Dm
(Scared to make it out alive now murders all I know..)
Dm                                                    C
Nobody tells me all the reasons were here,.
Dm                                                  Bb
I am a weapon so there's nothing to fear.
Bb                      F                  A                      Dm
(Another day another life but nothing real to show for.)

Back to : Reff, *)

Watching the death toll rise wondering how I'm alive.
G       A        Bb
Strangers blood on my hands, showed all I can.
There were no sunny nights watching your brothers all die
G     A   Bb
To destroy all their plans with no thought of me.
Dm    A         Bb
No thought of me
Dm    A         Bb
No thought of me.

Melodi : Dm Bb. C A-Bb-F-E. 6x

Dm Bb .C F G A-Bb C

Musik : Dm. Bb. C. F A Dm 2x
Petikan : Dm. Bb. C. F A Dm 2x

We'll walk the city lonely,.
Bb                                         C
Memories that are not passing by..
                    F                A         Dm
A murderer walks your streets tonight..
      Bb                     C
Forgive me for my crimes..
F          A             Bb
Don't forget that I was so young,.
But so scared..
            C#                    C
In the name of God and Country..

Coda : Dm Bb C F A. Dm 4x (Petikan)

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